Nearly suction hood August 09 2013

Nearly range hood, by definition is smoke in the stove side of the mouth, rather than just above, also known as side suction hood, nearly smoking machine, nearly suction hood. Near suction machine products developed in recent years (in fact, the early 20th century in the West have to shape up, but has not been marketing), changed the traditional way of fume hood design, cooking fumes from the side of the suction go, basically reached the clearing smoke effect, and nearly suction hood of proprietary products - smoke separation plate, completely solve the Chinese cooking over high heat cooking fumes difficult to remove the problem. The hood on the inlet side and uses a technique for separating soot, making the fumes net absorption rate of 99%, fume purification rate of 90 percent, a truly
   Polycyclic hoods
Meet Chinese home cooking habits hood.
Near-priming type Range hood, air inlet from the fumes source closer to the first time to stay locked fumes, and can effectively shorten the fumes rising movement distance, smoke effect is naturally more ideal. As the smoke chamber appearance with open design, increasing the range of cooking space, there is no sense of oppression when cooking, meet more effectively avoid the incident.
Hood itself works, if it is sucking fumes from the working principle to classify, mainly on the top of nearly suction and suction (T-shaped machine) two kinds, the original main top suction hood, but in 2008 and 2009 nearly suction hood gradually popular, it also means that people increasingly high demand on smoking