Why Buy Range Hoods From HOOD FAN CANADA August 21 2013

Home Depot, Rona, Lowe's Sears, Ikea, Costco and Canadian Tire etc., nearly every store sells range hoods. As a small business, how could we survived in this competitive market? What advantages we have that can compete with those giant companies?


  1. Professional Service

Range hood is the only product in Hood Fan Canada's retail store and on-line store. We have been focusing on range hood industry for 11 years. Most customers choosing to buy a range hood from Hood Fan Canada because we have the ability to discover their needs and provide the best solution for their kitchen. We have an unique ability of designing, manufacturing, customizing, inspecting, selling, repairing, cleaning and installing a range hood for our customer. There is nothing we cannot do with range hood.


  1. Reliable Products

Hood Fan Canada's range hoods are designed and manufactured with high-end stainless steel and ultra silent motor in Taiwan. We have the confidence to provide the longest warranty in the range hood market because of the great quality of our range hoods. Customers can see the real difference between our range hoods and other brands' range hoods.


  1. Professional Selling Team

No matter what kind of range hood you have right now. No matter what dimension you have right now. No Matter what kind of ventilation and duct you have right now. Please call our toll free number or walk into our store to tell us what is your situation. What we can do is either customize the range hood to fit your kitchen or modify your kitchen to install the range hood you prefer. There is nothing we cannot do with range hood.


  1. Lowest Price Guarantee

We will pay you the difference if you get a lower price Windster range hood from another store in Canada. We will give you up to 14 days after delivery to submit your claim.


  1. Free Shipping

Take delivery almost anywhere in Canada or at most overseas duty stations.