Cleaning Range Hood Filters July 16 2013

I am trying to clean the aluminum mesh filters in my range hood vents. I have tried various detergents alone and in combinations, with and without ammonia. I have also tried different solvents with little or no success. The grease is quite concentrated and thick. Soaking doesn't even seem to do the job. I am sure this type of cleaning is being done commercially so there must be a way.

Thomas F.

Degreasing Range Hood Filters


Cleaning Range Hood Filters: The Dishwasher Degreaser

I put mine in the dishwasher and they come out sparkling. It couldn't be easier.


Cleaning Range Hood Filters: "Greased Lightning" Cleans Filters

I just recently tried to clean the filter on our range hood. I have never had much success with this in the past, but this time I hit on a great product. First I tried ammonia, "tough on grease" dish detergent, and plain old elbow grease. All that managed to do was remove the dust! Awhile back, I had purchased some "Greased Lightning" in a clearance bin at the grocery store, so I thought I'd try that. I was amazed that the built up grease dissolved instantly as I poured the "Greased Lightning" over the filter. Scrubbing was not necessary, and the filter was sparkling clean when I was done! It hasn't been this clean since it was brand new! Be careful that you don't get this product on your skin, as it is very strong. My daughter's hands peeled after she got it on her skin.
Mary in WA State


Cleaning Range Hood Filters: Melt the Grease

There's a very easy way to clean those filters: melt the grease off. Find a pan large enough to hold the filter, something like a jelly roll pan. Put a thick layer of newspaper into the pan (maybe 8 pages thick) and set the filter on top. Put the pan into your oven and turn the oven on very low (like 250 degrees or "warm") and just wait awhile. The grease will melt, flow down and be absorbed into the newspaper.

Once you've melted off as much as will come off, run the filter through the dishwasher using a bit more detergent than usual.

We did this with a truly disgusting filter when we last moved. The house was 20 years old, and my guess is that the filter hadn't been changed or cleaned in that whole time. We baked it in the oven for an hour, put it into the dishwasher, and the filter sparkled when it came out.


Cleaning Range Hood Filters: Ammonia Degreases Filters

I clean my filters by placing them in a large plastic garbage bag outdoors. Then, I add a cup of ammonia and tie the bag up. Let it sit for up to 24 hours. This works for any grease or carbon build-up. Just hose the filter off when ready and discard the bag in your rubbish.


Cleaning Range Hood Filters: Oxiclean Your Range Filter

I have one word for you: Oxiclean! When I had to clean the filter in our old house, I filled the sink with really hot water, dumped in a full scoop of Oxiclean, and let it soak. I was amazed at how well it worked. The filter looked brand new! Oxiclean did wonders on my 40-year-old range.


Cleaning Range Hood Filters: Oven Cleaner Made for Range Grease

There is a fume-free oven cleaner, made by Easy Off, that works wonders on this sort of thing, and it doesn't corrode the aluminum.


Cleaning Range Hood Filters: Mickey D's Solution

I managed a McDonald's for a while, and we dealt with some killer grease. We used a commercial degreaser. Just let the filter sit in the liquid for an hour or more, and then rinse with very hot water. Degreasers are available at janitorial supply stores (many are open to the public), but if you can't find one, try Mean Green. It doesn't work as well as the heavy-duty stuff, but it might help.


Cleaning Range Hood Filters: Head to the Nearest Car Wash

If you need to clean range hood filters, the very best way is to put on your "elbow grease" clothes and take the filter to the nearest manual car wash! Set the sprayer for hot water and get with the program. The solution that they use to clean a car does a super job on stove parts and pieces. If you are fortunate enough to own a pickup truck, just put the filter in the bed of the truck on old rags and go through an automated car wash! It does a good job too, but if you have VERY bad grease and grunge, it's better to take them to a manual car wash and do the scrubbing yourself!


Cleaning Range Hood Filters: Two Tips for Success

Try cleaning the range hood filter by soaking it over night in a pan of water with a dryer sheet. In the morning, scrub it clean. Or mix a thin (somewhat watery) paste of white vinegar and cream of tartar and spread the mixture over the filter. If the filter is really grimy, let it sit for a half of an hour or so. Then scrub it clean. Both methods may have to be repeated if the filter is really dirty. Both methods also work great on pots and pans.


Cleaning Range Hood Filters: Water Softener Does the Trick

I just saw a TV show in which the host explained that you could easily clean your greasy oven hood with water softener. He put some water softener in a bucket and let it dissolve. After soaking the greasy filter for a few minutes, he used a denture brush to easily remove the grease. It was amazing.


Cleaning Range Hood Filters: Steam It Off

I use a household steam cleaner, and the grease just melts off.


Cleaning Range Hood Filters: Answer is in the Garage

We live in military housing, and when we are posted to another base, we have to ensure our house is left in meticulous condition. Our range hood gets very greasy. My husband was trying desperately to clean it before our house inspection and nothing was working. He thought he'd try one more thing. He went out to our car and got a bottle of car and engine degreaser. This worked perfectly!

Melinda in Nova Scotia, Canada