Damages June 25 2013

We do our very best in packaging our products to reduce the risk of damages, and 99% of the time they arrive safe, but sometimes unit might arrive damaged.

Please do not wait weeks or months to open up your package and leave the box in you garage/storage before inspection.

It is very important to inspect the item upon delivery for proper functionality. Please open the box, inspect the range hood for scratches and dents and plug it in the 110v receptacle to check the operation of the fan.

If the range hood is damaged, please keep the range hood in your home and call 1-855-569-8889 to report a damaged product. Our customer service representative will send an UPS driver to inspect the range hood and bring it back to us. We will send you another range hood once inspection proved.

Do not install your range hood without checking it first for any malfunctions or internal, hidden damages. Please contacted us immediately if a product is found to have an electrical malfunction with lighting, blower, control panel, or other electrical component! Malfunction of such features does not guarantee product return.
If you notice any dents or punctures on the package please refuse the package or make note of it on the documents and call customer service at 1-855-569-8889 for assistance or email us at info@hoodfan.ca.

We will take every possible step in repairing/ replacing your unit in a timely fashion. please note that it will take about two to three weeks in order for us to know if the claim will be approve or not. 

If the unit was accepted and signed for and there was concealed damages, we will do everything necessary to repair or send you a replacement unit and pick up the damaged unit in a timely fashion. 

All damages during shipping and missing parts must be reported within ten (10) calendar days from the date of delivery. If you do not notify us that the merchandise has been received damaged during this 10 day period, we will not e able to repair or replace the damaged merchandise, due to the shipping company terms and conditions.
Please keep all boxes and original packaging. If the unit is damaged, the inspector will need to come and inspect the package to see how damaged it is and what they are able to file on the claim.

If the boxes and packaging are missing, the freight company will state they are not liable since it can't be proven that they were responsible for such damages without seeing the crate/box.