Ultra Silent Turbine Fan


Turn on a Windster range hood and you will hear only a whisper of air movement, because the turbine fan system provides the quietest ventilation available.  When full blower power is not needed, you can lower the blower speed for even quieter operation.

How quiet is a Windster turbine fan. The test results shown below were generated at a certified independent industry testing lab.* All tests were measured at full speed to demonstrate the most accurate sound rating (other manufacturers may use lower speeds for testing which don't reflect accurate operating sound levels.)


300 CFM Turbine Fan Blower

3.8 Sones (At High Speed)

600 CFM Turbine Fan Blower

5.4 Sones (At High Speed)

900 CFM Turbine Fan Blower

6.5 Sones (At High Speed)

1200 CFM Turbine Fan Blower

8.0 Sones (At High Speed)




The powerful Windster Turbine Fan traps all cooking contaminants, liquefies grease vapor and removes heat-polluted air. Because theWindster Turbine Fan combines sufficient air pressure and constant speed with centrifugal filtration—and because it doesn’t pull air through a filter—it is the most efficient kitchen ventilation available today.



The Windster Turbine Fan housing snaps apart for easy cleaning in the dishwasher or with warm, soapy water. Moreover, the Windster Turbine Fan is the only ventilation system that collects the grease in the easily cleaned housing rather than in hard-to-reach areas behind a mesh or baffle filter.



The Windster Turbine Fan is the only residential ventilation system on the market today that prevents fire from spreading to the rest of the home. Constant speed creates centrifugal pressure that prevents fire from entering the duct work. As needed, Windster Turbine Fan increases blower speed to its normal level to maintain this safety feature.



Windster Turbine Fan can be configured to provide the power you need for even the most demanding cooking surface. Each highly efficient Windster Turbine Fan supplies 300 CFM of air movement; you can combine multiple blowers in a single Windster range hood to create the perfect ventilation for your cooking surface.

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