What should be the height of the range hood over the range? July 16 2013

Standard base cabinets are 34-1/2" high plus 1-1/2" for the counter top for a total of 36", which is also the height of a range. Standard upper cabinets are 30" high and are installed 18" above the base cabinets. Most cabinetmakers create a 6" high recess over the range by installing a 24" high cabinet over the range. Most standard hoods are 6" high. Therefore, if you do the math,...

How to Calculate CFM for Range Hoods July 16 2013

Edited by Carolyn Barratt, Jmuddy95   A range hood is a very useful tool for minimizing smoke, steam, and odors produced when cooking. The hood is mounted above your cooktop, and has a fan that pulls air through ductwork and outside your home; non-ducted versions recirculate the air through a charcoal filter. While range hoods are usually not required at all by local building codes, cooking without one can lead to...

Replacing a recirculating hood with a ducted model June 16 2013

BY: ANNA HOLBROOK   Clearing the Kitchen Air It's not surprising that most kitchens are equipped with a range hood. What is remarkable, however, is that most of these hoods do a lousy job of eliminating steam, smoke, grease and odors. That's because they simply recirculate the air by drawing it through a filter and blowing it back into the room. For a range hood to perform well, it must...
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